Reblog: Searching for God by Philip C. Kolin

Breathtakingly beautiful – I wish I could write like this!

Crux Literary Journal

Many search for God
under heavy quince trees

Or over horizons
where infinity slides.

They believe He talks
between lightning and rain

drops, dropping slowly all night,
fire and water, actually

the signatories of our
contract with Him.

Yes, the grass fragrances
His handkerchief on earth,

spread out and waving–
a welcome and a goodbye.

But our day and night pose
no corners for Him.

Twin pavilions
in the same eschaton.

All and nothing
He contains.

God’s knowing is
knowing God.

But His name is
reserved for Himself.

God is God
even if we

did not exist
to name Him.

QuincePhilip C. Kolin has published six books of poems, most recentlyReading God’s Handwriting(Kaufmann 2012) and In the Custody of Words (just out from Franciscan UP). In addition, he has published more than 200 poems in such journals as Christianity and Literature,  Christian Century, Spiritus, America, The Windhover…

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