Reblog: March On

A subject very close to my heart – the unity of the family of believers as the Body of Christ – put into beautiful words. Love it!

Words for Many

Together we are, united as one.

Brothers and sisters, together at last.

We’ll march till it’s over, till He says over.

We’ll shout and we’ll praise, as the trumpets all blast,

We’ll let it be known. This is our promise, as it once 

Has been told, to us the children,

To us the forgiven. We are the chosen, the liberated, 

And unworthy. He gave himself for us, from His love

We are new. Now we must march, raise our swords,

Give thanks to The One, the Great I Am. 

Be a doer, be apart of the movement,  because 

When He opens the gate, and calls us all home, 

We’ll sit down to dinner, and talk about life.

So when our time comes, remember this bit;

Always give thanks, for the blessings He gave, 

But until that time comes we match to the promise. 

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