Day: 21/05/2014

Wondrous Truth

Inspired by, and in humble homage to ‘When I Survey the Wondrous Cross‘ by Isaac Watts

When I accept the wondrous Truth
That I am saved because He died
Life’s richest prize, by His grace mine
Unworthy, still I shall not hide

Forbid that I should then withold
Good news of life in Christ my God
All earthly things which steal the lost
Become as dust next to His love

That greatest prize I must proclaim
To witness Truth with my whole life
God greatest gift demands my voice
Demands my soul, my life, my all

The price is paid, His kingdom near
For all to bask in His great love
Our sins forgiven, by God’s good grace
Reflecting glory back up above

My Father God, I must press on
Must press into Your perfect will
Grant me your peace, wisdom and strength
Commit my soul, my life, my all