Day: 03/05/2014

Star Wars Day Christian Haiku – May the Fourth Be With You

Tomorrow is May 4th – Star Wars Day!

Turn from the Dark Side
God will be with you . . . Always –
Good news from Saint Luke


One Saviour, one victory;
One victory
Over sin and death;
God’s church,
One body of believers,
Worshipping to different tunes,
Worshipping one God;
Praying in different ways,
Praying to one God;
Saved by one Saviour,
Looking towards one heaven,
Gifted by one Holy Spirit;
His diverse people,
Unified in Christ,
Reading different translations,
One bible, His word;
Stop focussing on differences,
Focus on the One
Who made us;
Loves us;
Died for us;
Saved us;
All glory to God!