Day: 01/05/2014

Mission: Discipleship

Bless one another,
Honour and serve;
Reject the enemy,
Do not give ground,
No footholds,
No surrender;
And focus
On His Spirit,
On His call:
Love God,
And the lost;
And glorify,
In every thought,
Every word,
Every action;
Be baptised,
Accept Jesus
as Saviour,
Study His word,
Live out your faith;
Pray continually,
And love;
Love again,
Because He
First Loved you.

Reblog: It’s Hard To Describe God

Wonderful words from Francis of Assisi.

Monty C. Wright


This morning I was reading through some writings and prayers of Francis of Assisi. I enjoy entering into Francis’ journey of seeing God through creation. A bird, a flowing stream, the sound of crickets at night…

All these things center the mind and heart of Francis on the sovereign God who created all things and gives life to all things.

There really are no words to describe the indescribable God, but Francis paints a beautiful picture with his language.






You are holy,
O my Lord and only God,
mysterious and holy,
holy and amazing!

You are mighty, magnificent, transcendent.
You are all-powerful,
O most holy Creator,
beneficent ruler of heaven and earth.

You are manifold and One at the same time,
Lord God,
You are utterly wonderful.
You are wonderful, perfectly wonderful,
the very essence of all that is most wonderful,
O Lord God!
You are real and alive.

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