Day: 12/04/2014

Lord of my Heart

Lord of my heart,
Let me be generous
With encouragement,
With love,
With Words of Life;
Make me a signpost
To the truth of Christ,
Death defeated,
The price paid,
The prize there
Free to be claimed.


Vortex colours

I saw a swirling vortex, and believed it was the breath of God lifting his people upwards to greater heights of encounter with Him: Father, Son and Spirit.

As the people of God pro-actively pursued disciplines of discipleship, they were elevated and realised their calling – the great commission to preach and teach the good news of Jesus: sent to save sinners by defeating death, the perfect sacrifice, resurrected in glory; leaving the Holy Spirit to minister on Earth, and reigning always in the place of honour at the Father’s right hand.

As God’s people answered their call, striving to live lives of mission and ministry, the lost were found, saved, and became disciples themselves. The vortex grew in strength, as more and more faithfully understood and responded to God’s call, more and more sinners were saved by His grace, and the army of saints grew in strength and maturity, worshipping, praying, and consuming the word of God, awaiting the return of their Saviour.