I Turn to You

Life isn’t what I thought –
Stop the world,
Let me off.
I’ve compromised,
I’ve failed and betrayed,
Stayed silent too often,
Spoken dishonour too much . . .

So alone now;
Can’t go on.
Stop the world –
I want to get off.
Can’t take any more,
I’ve had enough.

Time to check out,
Cancel my time,
Cut these painful bonds forever.
Hang up my phone line,
Time to sleep now,
Rest forever;
Escape from it all;
Time to go now – so ‘Bye’ then,
Time to take a big fall . . .

Then I turn to You . . .
And in mercy:
You love me;
You save me,
And comfort me.

Your grace,
It welcomes me;
Your sacrifice,
It cleanses me;
Your word
Inspires me;
Your voice
Resounds through me.
O merciful, wonderful,
Comforter deliverer,
Redeemer, refiner,
Saviour almighty:
My Light of the World!

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