The Road to Oblivion

On the road to oblivion,
Seeming not to care,
Yet part of me clung on,
And You found me there.
You opened my eyes again,
Took my blinkers off;
My heart had become hard –
Your grace made it soft.
You blessed me through strangers,
Gave me close loving friends,
Challenged my guilt,
Helped me see through your lens.
No more self-destruction,
No more running scared;
There’s a Father up in Heaven,
There’s a banquet table all prepared;
Royal work for these worthless hands,
A willing heart to serve You;
Righteous tasks in a fallen world,
For a servant child born anew.
Though there be trials and opposition,
Obstacles to the paths which You light,
They make the journey much more rewarding
As I try to fight Your glorious fight.

One comment

  1. George Herbert, “I struck the board..” And it’s okay, that’s what I like, God is okay with us as we stretch our minds and don’t believe and struggle through with greater understanding. No spoon feeding, but robust questioning and honesty… not always pleasant…

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