Day: 27/01/2014

What Should I Call You?

So what should I call You,
Now that I know You?
How do I describe
What my mind cannot form?
When my words cannot capture
What flows through my thoughts,
How can I say
What You mean in my heart?

I hear Your voice
On the whistle of the wind,
In the still of the mountains;
And in the falling of the rain.
I see Your simplicity,
In the complexity of each snowflake.
You reveal Your diversity
In each face I meet.

My Creator, my Counsellor,
My confidante, my guide;
My strength and inspiration,
My talk and my song.
My judge and my Saviour,
The unbreakable broken,
The mighty become humble,
The un-bindable, bound.

So, what should I call You,
Who knew me at my beginning?
Who calls me each day
And saves me beyond my last?
With me each moment,
Whether waking or sleeping,
Miraculously within reach,
Whilst exceeding my grasp.

I shall call You, “Name above all names”,
Through Your truth I claim it;
You are my Jesus,
By Your mercy, my friend.