Day: 21/01/2014

Pay It Forward

If you want to “pay it forward”
And help your fellow man,
Tell him the good news of our Lord Jesus,
Tell him his Father God has a plan.

It’s not about power, nor making money,
Building treasures here on Earth;
It’s about a free eternal legacy
Our lives bought by Jesus’ death.

It’s not about today’s prosperity
Or maximizing tomorrow’s income –
Blessing others is about their salvation
Through the Way, Truth and Life, God’s Son.

The good news of God’s near kingdom,
His Holy Spirit moving, spreading gifts,
Making our hearts’ desire accord with Jesus’
So our prosperity paradigm surely shifts

‘Til we apply Heaven’s success criteria:
To follow Jesus, love fellow men,
Worship the Lord with all of our hearts,
And give up ourselves to God’s plan.