Day: 13/01/2014

Why so Mysterious?

Why so mysterious?
The orphan asked the Father;
Why make it so easy
To fall far away from You?;
To give ground to the enemy,
Causing him cruel reverie,
Making footholds so easily,
Doubting You are true?

Failing so miserably,
Losing touch with my true self,
Losing sight of Your plan for me,
Losing grip on my spiritual health.
Slipping further into darkness,
Swallowed up by sin,
Suff’ring world’s worst harshness,
Withering from within.

Wand’ring without purpose,
Further from You, Father,
Further from the real me –
There has to be an end!
Can’t continue blindly,
Drifting on so aimlessly
Being wrong so weakly. . .
Time to stop. Reboot.

Life and death too serious
Not to claim You as my Father,
Not to stand up, to be seen,
Live reborn, cleansed, and new;
Not stumbling forth so wearily,
But walking tall, strong, fear-free,
Certain knowledge I am the real me,
Returned prodigal to You.