Day: 11/01/2014

Will He Know Your Name?

When Jesus returns will He know your name?
Will He stand by your side on judgement day?
Will He save you from deserved everlasting shame,
Fulfilled as the Truth, and the Life and the Way?

Do you know Him as your beloved Saviour?
The royal sacrifice which atones?
Or deny your dire need for His regal grace
Though He longs to welcome you home?

Will you fight pride and worldly temptation?
Seek to follow pure, strait, righteous paths?
Though the world tease, taunt, and scorn you,
Speak lies of you, and cruelly laugh?

In this sinful world which we distorted,
Soured, sullied, and spoiled since its perfect start,
Given choice we gave space to evil,
Made a foothold for Satan’s dark arts.

God’s people turned their backs, went their own way
Again, and again, and yet again,
Punished by famine, flood, wars, exile, slavery,
Choosing slow death, cold manacles and chains.

Even then loving God, as was prophesied,
Found a way through the veil to counter loss,
Leading His one Son, divine willing sacrifice,
To die humbly in glory on Calvary’s cross.

Blood shed by grace, given gladly for you,
New life hard-fought, won, freely offered up,
To be lived, loved, shared – but only if truly you
Just repent, and tell Jesus your name.