Time to Stop Running

Time to stop running, take in what’s around you,
Breathe in my Spirit, fill your lungs with my breath,
Stop; close your eyes, feel My warmth in the sunlight,
Stop; clear your mind; stop, my child, stop.

Need to keep running Lord,
Too scared to stop.
Too scared to see You,
Too scared of Your call.
Too scared of what You want,
Too scared to listen;
Too scared of the hardship
Your way may mean.

Stop running scared – I have a better race for you;
Time to have courage – it is there within;
Time to be strong, stand up and be counted;
Too long have you run away; stop now, turn back.

I know it is hard my child – draw your strength from Me,
Have faith in My promises, and yield to My plans.
Trust in My wisdom; trust – do not worry,
Through you – My miracle – I can make more.

Do not feel guilty, for My blood has freed you,
Cast off your chains and dismiss your doubts,
Cast off your fears and let go of regret;
Draw strength from old sadness; grace lights a new path.

Learn from your failures – it’s never too late;
Hear Me through others – I’ll bless you through friends;
Tune into My voice, it is always there guiding;
Stop; look and listen – give Me all of your life.


  1. Reblogged this on Faith Unlocked and commented:

    I celebrate 6 months of blogging today, so here again is my first ever post – a poem which means a lot to me, 10 years in the making.

    Thank you to my family and prayer triplet for their support of my efforts since I began writing in earnest, and to everyone who has viewed my blog, followed, encouraged or challenged – I had no idea at the start what a wonderful community I was joining, and it is a joy to be part of what you are all doing, around the world, every day.

    The last word must give all glory to God – because without Him there would be no point! May He bless you all today and every day! Amen!

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